Sunshine Cleaning

Sunshine Cleaning features a hunky janitorial supply store clerk named Winston who happens to be missing an arm. Introduced to the story when two clueless sisters decide to start a business cleaning up crime scenes but discover they are ignorant of state regulations on biohazard waste removal, Winston comes to their attention when he fetches them the manuals they didn’t know they needed. Later, he covers for them when a competitor comes into the store to loudly denounce their practice of undercutting the market. As they leave the store, the two sisters find their opinions of amputees differ:

Norah: How perfect was he with the… one arm?
Rose: Hmm?
Norah: The creepy guy. You know! I wonder if he was born like that.
Rose: He wasn’t creepy.
Norah: Dude, he has one arm.

Winston, probably thinking he’s been put into the “friend zone”, gets roped into babysitting Rose’s ADHD son Oscar when he’d rather be building models. Upon introduction, Oscar asks him outright “Where’s your arm?” Winston brushes off the question with a smile, saying “Kids.” Later, Oscar flicks Winston’s empty sleeve and redeems himself a bit by saying, “It must be hard to build models with one hand.” Winston gets invited to Oscar’s birthday party and goes in hopes of seeing Rose again, but it isn’t until Rose tearfully complains to him about being the girl everybody wants to screw but nobody wants to date that he colossally blows his chance. He says nothing, and nothing ever comes of it.


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