Howard’s Brain on Kickstarter

Howard Glick is a 53-year-old man currently living alone in New York City. Howard’s funny, outgoing, talkative and has had an interesting life. If you saw him on the street, you might not notice him. But there is one thing that makes him different from most of us: Howard has a rare brain disease called Frontotemporal Degeneration, or FTD.

Howard is different: he knows he has FTD and he can describe what it’s like to live with the disease – from the inside. Howard is far from silent.

So last September, I gave him a video camera and asked him to record himself. Howard is funny, candid, introspective and articulate. You can get a sense of him and what he’s been through by watching the video above. There is little that is typical about the progression of FTD so Howard lives in uncharted territory.

So we’ve set our sights on the horizon. We have about 100 hours of footage so far and Howard continues to film his daily life. My plan is to send a small crew to shoot what Howard cannot and to interview those closest to him. All the funds raised through this Kickstarter project will be used to pay for that shooting and to begin editing.


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