“Prototype”, by Viktoria Modesta

Billed as “the world’s first amputee pop singer”, Ukrainian-born Viktoria Modesta made the decision to amputate part of her left leg after suffering through fifteen surgeries on it. Her video for “Prototype” opens on a shot of a threatening minimalist icepick prosthesis and segues into a depiction of Viktoria as a Renaissance queen, permitting the Cardinals to work science and magic on her limb. Transformed, Viktoria is now capable of blinding the unprepared mundanes with the brilliance of her post-human leg. A Betty Boop-like cartoon version of her is portrayed as dangerous and subversive, enticing a young girl to want to pull a leg off her doll to be more like Viktoria.

Also present is a theme of government oppression, in which the prosthetic leg festooned with crystals is used to reflect a laser targeting beam onto the forehead of the Nazi-like official. Viktoria escapes into a minimalist landscape where she is transformed again into the Black Swan.


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