AMC Networks seeks person with Sacral Agenesis for TV series about circus performer Johnny Eck

AMC Networks (Mad Men, Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead), along with Brett C. Leonard, Executive Producer and Director, is developing a new television series. We are conducting an international search for a person who has Sacral Agenesis, or someone with a similar physical condition, or potentially someone who is missing the lower half of his body due to an injury, for the lead role in a big budget, scripted television series loosely based on the life of circus performer Johnny Eck, who was born with Sacral Agenesis.
Specifically we are looking for a male in the age range of 12 to 23, who like Johnny Eck, is missing the lower half of his torso. No acting experience is required, but candidates must have upper body strength, an outgoing personality, good memorization skills, and the ability to get along well with others.
If you or anyone you know specifically fits this description, regardless of where they are located, and might be intrigued by this once-in-a-lifetime acting opportunity, please email with your name, age, location, and photo.


Suzanne Gilreath
The Conlin Company | 10866 Washington Blvd., #75 | Culver City | CA 90232
( O +1 310-313-9100 | ( M +1 310-922-0722 | * F +1 310-579-8773 | *

“Vamps Next Door” casting call for disabled actors

From SAG Affirmative Action & Diversity via Media Dis n Dat:

The casting breakdown below for the SAG New Media production “The Vamps Next Door”.

Project: The Vamps Next Door
Director: Phil Ramuno
Producers: Phil Ramuno & Laura Van Scotter
Casting Director: Phil Ramuno & Laura Van Scotter
Audition date: July 25, 2011, 10am – 12, Whitefire Theatre 13500 Ventura Blvd., Sherman Oaks
Pay/Contract: Deferred / SAG New Media
Shooting Location: Los Angeles / San Fernando Valley
Shoot Dates: August and/or September 2011

Please submit headshot, resume and contact info prior to audition to:

The Vamps Next Door is a sitcom about your average family that just happens to be vampires.

Vampire mom, Beverly Tepes, loves her job in the ER. When a patient dies, it really makes her day and dinner is served. Vampire dad, Walter Tepes, works for the IRS and hypnotizes his co-workers for fun. They’re a modern day, tax-paying, SUV driving family with two teenage kids, a batty old grandma and a vampire cat. It’s 2011 and they’re not killers anymore… they’re our next door neighbors. At least they try not to kill anyone.

We are looking for performers with the ability to portray the following characters. Performers with disabilities strongly encouraged to submit.

Lamar: male, 20’s or 30’s, and is Hispanic or African American , and the neighbor from down the block. He is a family guy, upbeat, funny, and a wheelchair user. Definite possibility as a reoccurring character.

Brian: male, 30’s or 40’s is the vampire grandma’s internet date and is blind. He is a serial dater and believes himself to be suave and very attractive to the ladies.

Keep the Lights On: Feature film seeks actress in a wheelchair

Jason Klorfein is working to cast background and non-speaking featured parts for Ira Sachs (FORTY SHADES OF BLUE, MARRIED LIFE)’s new feature that’s shooting this summer, KEEP THE LIGHTS ON. They’re looking to cast a non-union actress (20-30) who is in a wheelchair for one character, KATIE’S COUSIN.

This role would take one day to shoot, during our July 18-August 18 shoot, in NYC. While this position would not be paid due to the film’s low-budget, the role is credited, and this would be an excellent opportunity for an actor to work with a production team with established credits. Sachs won the Sundance Grand Jury Prize for FORTY SHADES OF BLUE, and the film is being shot by the cinematographer of DOGTOOTH. This project is a labor of love for everyone involved.


1997. Erik is another gay man in New York trying to make a connection through a phone sex line. He meets Nick – closeted, handsome and with a girlfriend attached. From the start, this casual encounter extends itself into a hopeful moment between potential lovers. As Erik negotiates life as a documentary filmmaker, his relationship with Nick, a precociously young lawyer in a prominent publishing house, becomes more than just a fling. Nick breaks up with his girlfriend and soon the two men move in together and start to build a home. But over the years, they discover that it’s easier to get out of the closet, than it is getting rid of its shadow. Nick’s drug use gets out of control, as Nick becomes increasingly sexual compulsive. After 10 years together, Erik realizes that it’s not the relationship he needs to save: it’s himself.


Ira Sachs is a writer and director based in New York City. His films include MARRIED LIFE (2007), THE DELTA (1997), and the 2005 Sundance Grand Jury Prize-winning FORTY SHADES OF BLUE. His most recent film, LAST ADDRESS, a short work honoring a group of NYC artists who died of AIDS, has been acquired as part of the permanent collections of the Whitney Museum of American Art and MoMA, and will be seen this September at the Venice Biennale. Sachs teaches in the Graduate Film department at NYU, and is a fellow at both the MacDowell Colony and Yaddo. He is also the founder and co-curator of Queer/Art/Film, a monthly series held at the IFC Center in New York, as well as the newly established Queer/Art/Mentorship, a program that pairs and supports mentorship between queer working artists in NYC.


Thure Lindhardt (INTO THE WILD, FLAME AND CITRON), Zach Booth (DAMAGES), Julianne Nicholson (FLANNEL PAJAMAS, KINSEY)

Jason Klorfein | M: 404-790-0000 |

Casting call for Wannabe: The Movie

From Randy A. Gordon, writer of Wannabe, an upcoming film about Body Integrity Identity Disorder:

We’re looking for actors and actresses who are comfortable about being part of a movie about the paraplegic manifestation of Body Integrity Identity Disorder. Performers must be Canadian and willingness to travel for the shoot is a big plus. Roles range from minor roles to background roles. In particular, we’re looking for a blind man, a female who uses crutches, a leg amputee, and a teen who has a disability requiring crutches, i.e. CP. Those who don’t fit these categories are still encouraged to apply. The website is at All the information about the movie is on there. Contact info will lead to Peter, who is the the one spearheading the project. I can be available to answer questions about the story itself, since I’m the writer. We hope to avoid casting non-disabled people for these roles if possible.

ABC Family Searching for Young Deaf Actress to Star in New TV Show

ABC Family is looking for an amazing young, deaf actress to star in a new TV series (and two male deaf actors too)!

The show revolves around Daphne, a smart, confident and well-adjusted deaf teenager who has her world turned upside down when she discovers that she was switched at birth with another girl.

If you meet the characters’ requirements below, submit a video of yourself by October 15th, 2010. PLEASE NOTE THAT YOU MUST SIGN A WAIVER BEFORE SUBMITTING ANY VIDEO.

For more information about the project, including instructions on how to submit your video, and how to get a copy of the waiver, please go to

DAPHNE – actress must be deaf or hard of hearing and must speak English well, American Sign Language preferred. Age range from 16 to early 20’s to play high school. Actress is to be light-haired or willing to dye hair blond for the role, and if the show moves to series, actress must be willing to relocate to Los Angeles in February.

Smart, confident, and well-adjusted Daphne is stunned to learn that she and Bay Kennish were accidentally switched at birth 15 years ago. Having grown up in a working-class household as the only child of a single mom, she is excited to meet her new parents, and especially thrilled at the idea of having brothers and a dad. But balancing two families is trickier than she expected, particularly because her biological parents have never been around anyone deaf, and are eager for her to enter a mainstream school and a less deaf-centric world.

EMMETT – 16, actor must be deaf or hard of hearing, must be fluent in American Sign Language. Emmett is Daphne’s best friend. Raised by deaf parents and educated in a deaf school, Emmett doesn’t talk orally, and is more comfortable in a deaf world. Rugged, reserved, a young deaf James Dean.

PENN – late 30’s or 40’s. Male, actor must be deaf or hard of hearing, must speak English well. Penn is Emmett’s father and Daphne’s mother’s best friend. Penn is the one who educated Daphne’s mother about the importance of learning sign, schooling Daphne in a deaf world, etc.

Again, if you would like to audition, go to to find the audition scenes and the instructions on how and where to submit your video.

Hurry – we need to find our actors in the next couple of weeks! And please spread the word — if you know a “Daphne”, “Emmett”, or “Penn”, tell them about this and help them audition! This might just be the break that makes someone’s dreams come true!

Good luck!