Hall of Shame

I come not to praise these movies, but to bury them.

Netflix is still the worst offender; they don’t provide captions as a matter of course on their Instant Watch streaming movies. Though they have introduced captions on a limited number of downloadable B movies, they offer no list or category of movies with captions available. Even once you find a streaming movie with captions, forget about watching it on their iPad app; it doesn’t support them. Call customer service and you’ll be told just to rent the movie on disk… but if it’s a rental disk made by the studio for distribution by Netflix, they may have stripped the captions out to try and force you to buy the DVD.
According to a Netflix customer service representative, nearly 45 percent of Netflix’s complaints are about lack of captions. There’s a movement afoot to report all such disks as defective.

My Own Love Song makes the Hall of Shame for portraying a paraplegic highly dependent on an able-bodied person, taking a cross-country trip on inaccessible buses and trains with no apparent accessibility problems, and for not providing captions or subtitles.

Harlem Aria, for being all about how happy a mildly intellectually disabled man is to be exploited

Movies that simply offer no captions!

Children of Invention
Pressure Cooker
Sympathy For Delicious

  1. We’ve just done a balls our comedy featuring disabled actors. I would like to get it to you.

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