All the Queen’s Men

All the Queen’s Men is a farcical imagining of the capture of a WWII Enigma machine by an arrogant American ladykiller and his ragtag team of misfit soldiers and spies. To underscore the ragtagness of the band, a drag queen soldier leads them to a rendezvous with his former lover, a German man in an almost medieval looking leather and metal prosthetic arm.

Gratuitous prosthetic ahoy!

It becomes evident that the military brass did not expect them to succeed, and planned to use them as disinformation for the Nazis; their spectacular failure would give the Germans a false sense of security. Several team members die during the unexpected and botched extraction, and one of the surviving soldiers (the straight man of the group) expresses his displeasure by feigning a weak voice and calling upon his commanding officer to bend down to the level of his wheelchair so that he might be heard. Once the officer is within range, he takes a good whack at him with his cane.

Come closer, sir... closer...


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