Iep! (Eep! or Cheep!)

We’d like to be able to do a proper review of Iep! (translated as Eep! or Cheep!), but none of us here at Disability Movies Headquarters speaks Dutch. Nor is it available on Amazon. But what we have been able to glean is that Iep! is about a half-girl, half-bird creature discovered as an infant by birdwatcher Warre. He and his wife Tine decide to keep the girl and name her Viegeltje, but she decides she wants to fly south with the other birds and the family must join the long adventurous journey.

The role of Viegeltje is played by Kenadie Jourdin Bromley, who is one of about 30 surviving people in the world who has primordial dwarfism. You can learn more about Kenadie from TV documentaries Born Different: Unbelievable Medical Conditions and Incredibly Small: Kenadie’s Story, or her website

If you speak Dutch, please enjoy the following “making of” videos.


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