Ah, Peter Pan. The beloved childhood classic that taught entire generations of children to fear and hate amputees and metal prosthetics, with the depiction of evil Captain Hook. In this sequel of sorts, Peter Pan has left Neverland for the real world with a job as an investment banker, and does not remember his time as a Lost Boy though he has married Wendy’s granddaughter Moira. Captain James Hook, still smarting from his defeat at the hands of Pan, kidnaps their two children and plots to turn them against him.

Pete must return to Neverland to save them. But without conscious memories of how the place operates, he’s in danger when he stumbles onto a gathering of pirates. Tink instructs Peter to cover one eye with a blindfold, turn one foot inwards, limp, and drool… in order to keep people from looking at or talking to him.

If possible, Captain Hook is portrayed even more offensively than in the Disney version; he embodies the worst stereotypes of disabled villains. Though he’s arguably the most powerful person in Neverland with his pirate empire, he constantly complains to Smee that he hates living in a flawed body, and puts a gun to his head. (He really wants Smee to talk him out of it, though, which Smee does grudgingly.) He has no love interest; instead he’s portrayed as effeminate. He exhibits symptoms of PTSD, petrified of the sound of ticking clock (the harbinger of the crocodile that ate his hand).


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