The Debt

Three inexperienced Israeli operatives bungle their mission to capture a Nazi concentration camp doctor named Vogel (a Mengele analogue), and make the fateful decision to cover up his escape instead of coming clean about it. Decades later, The Debt must finally be repaid, and with interest, when the surviving members of the team hear that a mental patient is claiming to be their quarry.

But by now one member succumbed to depression and guilt, committing suicide, and another (the erstwhile leader, now turned politician) has become a wheelchair user. (He probably sustained a job-related injury, as in one scene Rachel looks at the wheelchair he’s sitting in and says, “God doesn’t plant car bombs.”) It falls to elderly Rachel to travel to the mental hospital and discern which patient is the real Vogel, though old age has limited her physical abilities somewhat. (Stephan is so cowardly he would probably have found a way to get someone else to do his dirty work anyway. This, and the fact that he’s now a politician, make him into the stereotype of the Evil Cripple.)


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