After Earth

After Earth wouldn’t be worth a mention on Disability Movies but for a brief exchange between the hero, Cypher Raige, and a wounded soldier who wants to be helped to his feet to salute him. Raige tries to dissuade him from getting up, but the soldier insists since Raige’s actions meant he lived to see his baby girl, and Raige helps the man back to his wheelchair.

We note that the soldier is using a minimalist white plastic motorized chair that looks for all the world like a lawn chair from Kmart, and wonder why wheelchair seating technology doesn’t seem to have improved much in the future. Perhaps as refugees from a polluted and dying Earth, all their assistive technology is fabricated on demand by 3D printers? At least it looks like there are no actual wheels on the base, so maybe the much longed for antigravity hoverchair has finally been invented.


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