Free Birds

Free Birds contains several incidental depictions of disabilities, including an elderly turkey with cataracts and trouble walking, a possibly narcoleptic presidential daughter, and a young turkey who goes around saying “meow”, who is described as the product of a union between a turkey and a chicken and is seemingly the butt of many jokes. And all the modern turkeys are described as just plain dumb, evincing short term memory problems. But it’s Jenny, who has an eye that goes wonky whenever she’s stressed or nervous, who gets the most screen time.

Initially main turkey Reggie thinks Jenny must be weird or stupid because of her appearance, and clumsily asks what’s wrong with her. Jenny explains that she fell out of the nest and hit her head when she was a poult. She soon demonstrates that she’s Reggie’s intellectual equal and becomes his love interest. Hopefully the two enjoy many Thanksgiving pizza meals together.


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