Oz, the Great and Powerful

Set 20 years before the events in the famed Wizard of Oz, Oz the Great and Powerful depicts the humble origins of the Wizard as a 1905 circus magician. After successfully performing a levitation illusion on stage, the unsophisticated audience of rubes is convinced that his powers are real, and a little girl in a wheelchair implores him to “make me walk!”. Her family offers him all their money to cure her, but he knows he cannot.

After escaping an angry mob in a hot air balloon and winding up in Oz, Oscar soon comes across a weeping China Doll with broken legs. Her small crockery village has been trampled and reduced to dust, but Oscar has the power to fix her legs with a handy tube of glue. She sees this as nothing short of miraculous, and believes he’s truly a great wizard.

A movie about Oz would not be complete without the famous Munchkins, one of the peoples under the protection of Glinda the Good Witch. They sing and dance to welcome Oscar, as in the original Wizard of Oz, but this time are also shown in more quotidian capacities such as tailors and tinkers.


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