Casting call for Wannabe: The Movie

From Randy A. Gordon, writer of Wannabe, an upcoming film about Body Integrity Identity Disorder:

We’re looking for actors and actresses who are comfortable about being part of a movie about the paraplegic manifestation of Body Integrity Identity Disorder. Performers must be Canadian and willingness to travel for the shoot is a big plus. Roles range from minor roles to background roles. In particular, we’re looking for a blind man, a female who uses crutches, a leg amputee, and a teen who has a disability requiring crutches, i.e. CP. Those who don’t fit these categories are still encouraged to apply. The website is at All the information about the movie is on there. Contact info will lead to Peter, who is the the one spearheading the project. I can be available to answer questions about the story itself, since I’m the writer. We hope to avoid casting non-disabled people for these roles if possible.


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