Pressure Cooker

Pressure Cooker is a documentary about inner-city high school students in a rigorous culinary arts training course attempting to win college scholarships, and the younger sister of one of the featured students is blind and is described as having a physical disability. Erica’s sister is (probably deliberately) not named in the movie or the accompanying web site, but Erica repeatedly describes her as her reason for wanting to succeed. There seems to be a lack of adult supervision in their household, so it has fallen to Erica to be de facto caregiver; she dispenses her sister’s medication daily, and is seen pointing out where the food is on her plate.

depiction of blindness in Pressure Cooker

Erica points out where each item of food is located on the plate for her younger sister.

Erica later wins one of the coveted scholarships, and though her younger sister is happy for her, she bitterly says “I don’t see why you want to go.”

Despite the realistic portrayal and inclusion of a blind person, Pressure Cooker must unfortunately go into the Disability Movie Hall of Shame for having neither captions nor subtitles.


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